Constatations :

  • The sprain(infringement) of ankle it is more than 6000 cases / day in France
  • Outbreak of the complications with in particular the chronic instability
The PROPRIOFOOT is four plaques, différenciables by their color and their support(medium) and are 10 cms aside. They are used by pair, allowing a large number of combinations(overalls) while respecting a certain progress in the difficulty.

They present several interests: :

Dissociation of the front foot of the back foot.
  • The low(weak) angular clearance allows to target the work at the ankle and the foot by limiting the action(share) of the cerebellar system and the internal ear (responsible for the general balance of the body).
  • Their small size and their simplicity of use authorize a work of automobile reeducation
  • Diminution du temps d'indisponibilité après une entorse grâce à une rééducation précoce

Thus they have an at the same time preventive and curative role.

They are going to become the tool essential to all the sportsmen and the physiotherapists worried of participating actively in the improvement of techniques and protocols of proprioception.

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